April Fools
April Fools
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 APRIL FOOOLLLLSLLSLDKGjk,g  Last edited: 30 Dec 15
Okay I'll change the text here since there's still some people who didn't realize this was april fools and I don't want them to stay sad.

Over the years I've always wanted to end the comic on april fools. Mostly because there's always some people who think I ended the comic at some point without announcing it. I can go without updating for 2 days and I have people asking me why I stopped making the comic.

When I posted this page, the site got a huuuge traffic spike with people linking to it from all over. Also reading facebook comments kept me laughing for a few days straight. I really should end this comic more often.

I've come up with a bunch of different joke endings that I could have used. I was actually making a 3 page ending where one of the guys gets shot and then wakes up from the virtual reality game. But I sort of ended up making those jokes in this page.

In the end I got the idea of the Truman ending... or the Village ending I guess is more accurate... and stayed up all night to get it done on time.

Some people pointed out that this page seems to predict the ending. I wish I could say that was totally intentional because that would have been cool as hell. But I guess I just like the Journey to the Center of the Earth book, and keep referencing it.

But yeah. It was april fools people! Stop being sad!


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