#65 The Journey
#65 The Journey
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Oh hey I have something sort of interesting to talk about!

I sometimes have internal struggles when writing this comic because I have some silly personal rules for the world of blastwave.

In this page for example... I really wanted to make a reference to a "biblical flood" in the first panel, because it would be an amusing line... But that would mean the bible exists within the world of blastwave. And I don't want that.

I mentioned this to a friend of mine and he (jokingly) accused me of pushing my anti-religion agenda on my readers. But the thing is that they do have religions in blastwave... they're just none of the real world ones. I try not to reference any real world things in blastwave because in my mind it's not the real world. It's just a rule I have. It keeps the world consistent and maintains immersion.

I never brought up the subject of religion in the comic... mostly because it's really damn hard to make religious jokes in general without... making fun of religion in general.

In the end I just took out all speech from the first panel since I couldn't think of anything amusing to replace it with.


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