GWTB 250K - The Megastructure
GWTB 250K - The Megastructure
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Hahaa! This is totally a new page!

God that last panel. I hate it so much. I drew it like 6 times and it's still bad. But you don't care right?

Anyways. I have been thinking, and I will now return to blastwave once again. Mostly the old stuff, but I'm probably doing some of these silly spinoff pages from time to time.

I am planning on updating (roughly) once a month.

But, I have a deal for you. I am in dire need of cash due to alcoholism (I am kidding of course). If you give me money, I will update more than once a month. If you give me 150 euros, I will update twice a month! And so on.

Also if you give lots of money (10 euros and up) I can draw you quick custom doodles as an extra. (remember to provide e-mail)

You can send money directly to or press this button

Anyways... any help would be greatly appreciated.


Edit: Look at this cool old animation we did in school a few years ago!

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