GWTB 250K - Simulation Hypothesis
GWTB 250K - Simulation Hypothesis
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This is a page in the 250K spinoff version of blastwave that you might remember from these pages:


GWTB 250K - The Megastructure

As you might remember, I explained a while back that I'm actually making a new page each month now, but every second one is gonna be one of these "spinoff" pages and posted only on patreon.

Well I came to the conclusion that keeping them patreon exclusive forever wasn't really good for anybody so I will now start posting old pages here on the normal website whenever I make a new page for the patreons.

So what I mean is, this is a page from 5 months ago. And there are 2 new pages for you to read on patreon if you support the comic there for more than 5 dollars. These pages will eventually be posted here on the normal website after like 5 months but patreon people get them early.

I don't know if I'm explaining this correctly but whatever. What this means is this website will now also get monthly updates. There is still patreon exclusive content... but it's not of this caliber.


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