#50 Art.
#50 Art.
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Hey guys! New page! Isn't it great?

I am finally setting up an official blastwave facebook fanpage thing. (Me, personally, am very inactive on facebook, but what the hell.)

I am also trying out a new money making scam scheme in the form of this website I found.

The idea behind the website is that you promise to pay me money if I update. This is better than normal donation drives due to psychological reasons. The patreon pledge can be modified/cancelled whenever you want. It asks you at the end of the month if my content was worthy of your money before charging anything. And you can put a limit on how much you're willing to spend per month.

I also decided to start a smaller blastwave spinoff comic that's exclusive to patrons on that website.

Of course these normal comics will happen with or without people pledging money. But I thought I'd give it a go.

How many ways can I try to scam you out of your money? Flattr this

Viral marketing.

Wanna email me random feedback? morrikun@blastwave-comic.com
(note: This is a joke-y email address and I probably wont reply. But I do read what you send.

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