#45 Coffee
#45 Coffee
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 Eternally late  Last edited: 15 Sep 10
There a page! Late as usual!

The page was first delayed because of a rather surprise trip to sweden. And then sickness. And then just the normal general slacking off.

I can't actually decide if I like this page or if it's completely horrible. It's based on a really old idea that came from another person. Yes I do get ideas from other people sometimes!

Update: I wasn't liking the page so I tried to mend it a bit with a new last panel. I think its marginally better now.

Er I think I had something else to saaaaaaaaay... but I'll just end here.


Once again thanks for people who donate. Just to repeat I don't actually update more often because of it. But it helps. I'm actually trying to make some reward for people who donate, but I don't know yet what that means.

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