#44 Flamer.
#44 Flamer.
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 Wakakaka  Last edited: 6 Aug 10
There. A comic!

Took a while eh? One month was out of my control. Second was partly an accident.

But there! A comic I count as july comic. August comic at the end of the month unless everything goes to hell again! The next page will actually have a joke!

Look, I made a donate button again!

The reason was to raise money for something, but that passed already. I was thinking of making comics more frequently again if people donated but then I failed my normal schedule and abandoned the idea. And right now I don't know whats going on later on and don't know if I can promise anything.
edit: Oh and, of course thank you very much whoever has donated or will donate. Always helpful and always appreciated!

In other news: Commissions.

Addition: Just because I didn't update this page for so looooong... I mentioned before that I had a work placement at Energia productions. While I was there we got this thing out! I'm mostly responsible for the texturing on the ufo and parts of the hangar in the background. I bet you blastwave fans would like moon nazis.

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