#43 No one cares.
#43 No one cares.
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 I assume it's not april first anymore Pt. 2  Last edited: 14 Apr 10

Real page up now. Continuing as normal. Next page at the end of this month.

--old post--

So uh yeah... In caaase someone still didn't notice, this was an april fools page.

The plan was to upload a real page today... but I'm spending easter at my parents place and forgot to take the file with me or upload it anywhere where I could retrieve it. So you'll have to look at that thing untill tuesday or so.

I was quite surprised that some people did think it was real. And thanks to everyone who emailed, fun stuff.

Oh and also, everything in the news post was fake too. There was no problem with the publisher, I am not changing the drawing style and (I'm sure this will dissapoint many) I will not be updating more often!

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