#42 Yellows 2.
#42 Yellows 2.
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Edit: I have just been informed the blastwave books have sold out! Big thank you to everyone who has bought a blastwave book thing! That's nearly 3000 copies sold overall.

(also I should note that the person who handles the sales is gonna be out of contact for about a week. So if there's any questions about your orders still... you'll have to wait a while.)

Oh and yes. Cliffhanger-y comics! I know everyone loves waiting for months for new pages, so this is to make it some more exciting!

Yarrggrhhhh... I had something very specific to write here but I forgot.

I was aiming to get this up last weekend, but ended up drawing this comic reaaallly slowly as I am bit distracted with getting ready to move. More on that on my blog.



Oh and if you haven't subscribed to the rss this year, do it. The one that was there before this year doesn't work anymore.

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