#41 Team Spirit
#41 Team Spirit
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Haha look! I made a new page!

I'm planning on monthly updates this year. But can't say for sure if that is really gonna be possible.

Btw. Resubscribe to the rss if you use that. It's been fiddled with.


Buy a Blastwave vol 1!

The thing is... they need to be sold off before may. Any copies left at the end of march are gonna be sent to me and are gonna spend the rest of eternity in most likely my parents basement.

As far as I know there's roughly 150 left. I really don't want hundreds of those things. I certainly wouldn't start sending them out.

So if you don't have one already and want one, you have a few months left to decide! I'd of course appreciate it alot!

They are no longer sold through amazon due to the whole "sending copies to amazon first" process is eating the little profits we're making.

Add: I increased the estimated delivery times somewhat as the previous ones didn't seem to hold true in a few cases.


It seems like every time I update, this whole "oh no why dont you update more" thing comes up... so once again...

I don't update blastwave more because it is generally very painful. I really cannot force myself to think of this stuff. Or I can but it just generates a deep hatred for the whole thing... so new pages only happen when I'm in the right mood. And I have my reasons of not letting others write it.

Sometime last year I had many other things to think about so Blastwave was dropped completely. As were many of my other projects, which I would have been very glad to continue. During that time though I came up with a few "arcs" that have enough material for atleast 9 pages... so now doing these monthly is very doable. Thinking part is done already. And coming up with 3 more pages by the end of the year shouldn't be that hard.

So why only monthly then? This way I only have to waste one weekend a month on drawing this. Very simple.

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